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At A-Z Family Chiropractic we have highly experienced chiropractors that are passionate about getting people well and keeping them that way. Serving Blackburn and the surrounding areas. Chiropractic creates optimum spinal health optimising the function of the nervous system.

A chiropractor uses their hands to locate joints that are not moving as they should be and use a quick specific impulse into those joints which is called a chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractors are highly skilled and undergo 5 years of intensive training at university. They are experts in the anatomy and physiology of the body. Not only that Chiropractors have extensive training on neurology, radiology, diagnostics, biomechanics and rehabilitation. Chiropractors are known for specialising in the spine but also they see a variety of conditions such as headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow and many more. Why not give us a call and see if we can help you.

Dr Zoe Bennett. Mchiro

Founder, Chiropractor

I am originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, I first became interested in chiropractic as a teenager as I was taken to see one by my mum for severe headaches. I was amazed that within a few sessions my headaches significantly improved and then completely went. I then went on to work in a chiropractic clinic as a receptionist. When I saw how chiropractic could change people’s lives I knew that was the job I wanted to do. I then went off to the Welsh institute of chiropractic to study for 5 years to become a chiropractor. I have then gone on to specialise in chiropractic for pregnancy and chiropractic for children and babies. I absolutely love being a chiropractor and seeing people get better and live their lives to the full.

Charlotte Bolton BSc.

Sports therapist

I am a Sports Therapist, having graduated in July, 2019 from UCLan. I have had many different placement experiences during university, such as Bolton Wanderer’s and Radcliffe FC, working closely with a multidisciplinary team. I am a 100m and occasional 200m sprinter and have competed for the county Lancashire in various different competitions, some of which at national levels. Having experienced injuries first hand from competing and training from a young age is what lead me to aspire to become a Sports Therapist. I hope to further my career in the future by completing a Masters degree in Physiotherapy.

Esther Bullock

Sports rehabilitator

Esther graduated with a First Class degree in Sport Rehabilitation from the University of Bolton. Through her childhood Esther participated in many sports ranging from gymnastics to athletics, through this she experienced and witnessed various injuries, and stirring a passion for anatomy and physiology and the effect of injuries on the human body. Esther has worked with elite athletes from Wigan Warriors and Toronto Wolfpack, and at local sporting events such as the Manchester 10k. She is passionate about changing perceptions that pain is something people have to live with and has soon the positive impact that regular sports massages and injury rehabilitation can have on the performance and general well-being of individuals.

Pinky Taylor

Chiropractic Assistant

After having a break from work and spending 2 years at college to study floristry and horticulture, I was ready to return to admin work. Working at A-Z sounded perfect to me as my career background was reception/admin work and I had also worked as a Holistic Therapist. I was also told I could bring my dog, Poppy, to work too!!
I love working here. My colleagues are lovely and it feels like being part of a family. My motto in life is “be happy”. If you feel good on the inside, it shines through to the outside! My interests are walking Poppy, growing flowers from seed and being with friends.

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