At A-Z Family Chiropractic we have highly experienced chiropractors that are passionate about getting people well and keeping them that way. Serving Blackburn and the surrounding areas. Chiropractic creates optimum spinal health optimising the function of the nervous system.

A chiropractor uses their hands to locate joints that are not moving as they should be and use a quick specific impulse into those joints which is called a chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractors are highly skilled and undergo 5 years of intensive training at university. They are experts in the anatomy and physiology of the body. Not only that Chiropractors have extensive training on neurology, radiology, diagnostics, biomechanics and rehabilitation. Chiropractors are known for specialising in the spine but also they see a variety of conditions such as headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow and many more. Why not give us a call and see if we can help you.

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